I have had the most crazy, disorganized and upended fall that I could have imagined.  It does not surprise me that my last post was in August.

But productive?  Yes.  I have managed to continue to write a flash every week and work every single day on my writing.  Now that I have over 100 flash pieces (although many are unfinished or not really good enough to polish up) I have lots of potential stories.  Even the unfinished and blah stories each have the germ of something.  So my upcoming goals include making a concerted effort to get those stories in salable shape.  It can be done!

I’ve sorted all of them on a spreadsheet, where I’ve jotted notes about Theme, Character Change, Target word count etcetera- and whether the story needs a lot of work or just a polish.  Hopefully that will help me pinpoint the best story to work on for the day.  I’ve submitted a couple of pieces since doing this, and feel very positive.



2 responses to “Whew

  1. That is so awesome that you’ve been writing a flash a week! I have to say I miss the motivation of the NYCM contests. I keep telling myself I’m going to polish up some of my old pieces and send them out, but I never seem to get around to it. Hoping to see some of your stories published soon!

    • Thanks, Jocelyn! Have you checked out the W1S1 group? They challenge themselves to be like Ray Bradbury, and write one story a week and sub one story a week.
      They’ll start up again January 1. I managed to stick with it til week 34. Next year I’m going to try for the whole year!

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