A New, Hilarious Kickstarter!

Kickstarter is a way to invest in projects you might find interesting, or a way to get investors to fund something you’d like to do. If the project meets the minimum goal set by the project leader, funds pledged are collected.  If it doesn’t – Kickstarter doesn’t charge anyone.  Brilliant!   

I’ve funded a few projects started by writer friends or publishers I want to support – my most recent investment is in a project by Alex Shvartsman.  He’s publishing an anthology of SF/Fantasy humor – Unidentified Funny Objects.  Yes, humor.  If you yearn for a break from dystopian fiction, need a chuckle to start your day, wish for something to put a smile on your face, consider joining the crowd and kickstarting UFO.  This publisher is particularly respectful toward writers, paying pro rates and responding incredibly fast to submissions.

Check it out – you can invest a dollar or more  – there are prizes for various sponsorship levels, including a copy of the anthology.  If it’s an anthology you might consider purchasing, doing it via Kickstarter is the way to go.


3 responses to “A New, Hilarious Kickstarter!

  1. That’s a great-looking cover!

  2. …and way to go on meeting & beating your July W1S1 goals, Lee.

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