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I have had the most crazy, disorganized and upended fall that I could have imagined.  It does not surprise me that my last post was in August.

But productive?  Yes.  I have managed to continue to write a flash every week and work every single day on my writing.  Now that I have over 100 flash pieces (although many are unfinished or not really good enough to polish up) I have lots of potential stories.  Even the unfinished and blah stories each have the germ of something.  So my upcoming goals include making a concerted effort to get those stories in salable shape.  It can be done!

I’ve sorted all of them on a spreadsheet, where I’ve jotted notes about Theme, Character Change, Target word count etcetera- and whether the story needs a lot of work or just a polish.  Hopefully that will help me pinpoint the best story to work on for the day.  I’ve submitted a couple of pieces since doing this, and feel very positive.



Beam Me Up Podcast

Old NYC Subway Station (City Hall)

My short story from 2011, “This Life,” (originally published on Daily Science Fiction) was aired on WRFR radio station in Maine and then archived as a podcast on Beam Me Up.

What a thrill!  It starts around 43 minutes in.  Subway sound effects and all!  I was enchanted to hear my words read by someone else.  A little taste of what it must be like to see one’s work filmed, or on stage.

The reader was Paul Cole, the host of Beam Me Up.  It’s been podcasted since 2006 – he archives his weekly radio hour on the website.  His show includes commentary on science news, science fiction reviews and opinions, and stories every week.

Thanks, Paul!  Loved your rendition of my story.