Short Story Published!

Today my short story, “Dance the Light Fantastic” was published on Daily Science Fiction. The story spark was a conversation we had about the ethics of performance enhancing drugs. Do you think the rules should go away?


8 responses to “Short Story Published!

  1. Beautiful story! Congratulations.


  2. I enjoyed your story. Congrats on getting it published.

  3. A perfect and clear glimpse into a future world where performance-enhancing drugs are legal and artists sacrifice all for perfection.

    Lee Hallison’s polished skill in immediately defining an alternate world is again evident here, while she simultaneously connects the reader to her characters with the realism always evident in her work.


  4. Thought provoking story.

    Performance enhancing drugs, performance enhancing technology; these things are here to stay whether we like it or not.

    Maybe we need separate levels of drug/tech in judging a performance: a – natural, b – chemical, c – tech. And then there would be sub-categories, of course, for different types of each enhancement.
    Manufacturers could sponsor their own teams/athlete/artist. Media tech companies could immediately download each players sensory perception into their subscribers, for those who felt a little squeamish about participating in the flesh and the true fans.
    That would be half the world. The other half would shake their heads and walk away, unenhanced.

    *takes off cynical hat, puts hands in pocketses, and walks down the street, whistling*

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