2011 Wrap Up

2011 was a pretty good year for me!  I stayed focused on my writing, and made every single Liberty Hall flash challenge.  I also submitted a story for the Short Story contest there, as well as a story for the Halloween contest at Codex.  I also participated in two NYC midnight madness contests.

I critted stories every week, at Liberty Hall and a bit at Codex.  I read and studied writing, mostly through other writers’ articles and blog posts.  I participated in Codex as much as possible.

I submitted stories 24 times, got 19 rejections and have three outstanding (bites fingernails).  I sold three stories this year, one of which I saw published at Daily Science Fiction.  This qualified me to join SWFA as an associate member.

I wrote approximately 85,000 words of fiction (guessing – 52 flashes averaging 1K, several short stories, and almost finished two novellas) and revised/edited countless words.

I did not blog as much as I wished to, either here or at my cooking blog.

Professional goals for this coming year:

  • Submit a story once a week.  (Gulp)
  • Continue writing a story a week.
  • Finish up the novella.
  • Blog at least twice a month here.
  • Upload a recipe on my cooking blog once a week.
  • Submit reviews on Smashwords and Amazon on short story collections that I’ve read.
  • Update this blog with better links.
  • Add more goals to this as they occur to me!

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