Writing Update

I have been writing madly, wildly, constantly, and I managed to snare two more publication contracts.  My story “Guaranteed to Work” will be published at Daily Science Fiction (date TBA) and my story “How the Moon Got Its Cousin” will be published in Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine (November, 2011).

Currently I have an enormous stash of short, 90 minute flash pieces (see 52 Reasons to Brag below) so have lots to revise and edit.  My goal is to get more of them polished up and submitted.

I began writing longer pieces, and the current story is edging toward novelette length – it is nearly 13,000 words already.  I don’t think there is a market for YA novelettes, so I am thinking this is first draft of a future YA novel.

I also was re-hired to edit the newsletter I’ve done every fall for the past few years – so I’ll get to use the left side of my brain a bit this month.

Enjoying this!  I feel inspired and energized by all the writers I’ve connected with on Liberty Hall Writers Group, Codex Writers, and Google+.  Write On!


One response to “Writing Update

  1. Hi Lee!
    So glad you are doing well! Published stories — wooooooo hooooo!!
    I am moving quickly through my novel on another rewrite with a new reader — over 1/2 way (4 chapters this week!). Plan to send out a new nf story I wrote and see if I can get it published. Looking forward to WOTS — hope to reconnect there! All the best to you!

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