Things I like about Google+, Part 1

Things I like about Google+


  • The circle idea
    • You can follow people by adding them to a circle, and they are not required to follow(friend) you back.  This lets you read public posts by people you’re interested in, similar to following a blog.
    • You can post publicly, like on your blog, but you can also post just to a small circle of people – for example, I can post something about an upcoming flash competition just to my Liberty Hall companions
    • You can sort your “stream” (newsfeed on Facebook) so that you can just read the posts from one or more circles at a time
  • The way comments & +1’s(likes) are structured
    • You can turn off notification of further comments on a post you commented on (or get notified if you want)
    • Your comments on other people’s posts don’t go to anyone but that person – and are seen only by those people following that person.  On Facebook, if my friend “likes” a photo or writes on someone’s wall, I see it in my News Feed.  I don’t see it in my Google+ stream.
    • When you go to someone’s home page you see their posts – you don’t see posts of their friends/people they are following, or postings by others on their “wall.”  So to read my FB friend’s posts all in a row, I may have to skim through a bunch of stuff other people wrote.  No need for that in Google+

All of the above means WAY LESS CLUTTER than on Facebook.  

I like it.


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