Wow, has a lot been going on in my virtual life (regular life pretty regular, which is good!)

I’ve joined another online writers group (in addition to Liberty Hall), LiveJournal, and Google+  . More on all of these in a later post.

Still writing flash stories every weekend at Liberty Hall – getting close to my goal of a flash a week for a full year.  I have been in all but one challenge since August 23, 2010.  (I’m very impressed with myself.)

Currently have three things out – yay me!  It is still SO difficult for me to press the submit button.  I keep tweaking and polishing, then setting a piece aside, only to pick it up for tweaking a few weeks later.  Of course, many of my pieces are the Liberty Hall flash ones that really do need work – it isn’t possible to create a publishable story in 90 minutes, which is all the time we get.

I’m working on a short story for a setting contest – another participant gave me a very interesting setting.  And the story should NOT be a flash.  So this is good.

I’ve also picked up my unfinished YA novel, which now I see is really geared to much younger kids.  I dinked around with it a bit, thinking that perhaps it might be fixable – we’ll see.  I plan to enter part of it in the next Liberty Hall short story challenge.


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