Writing News – early February, 2010

I’m titling this “early” February in hopes that I put up more news by the end of the month. Goals are good!
News since my last post

  • A story I wrote for a Liberty Hall Flash Fiction challenge was accepted by Daily Science Fiction for publication. Not sure when, but the contract is signed and so it’s a go! I’m very excited. If you like speculative fiction, this is a fun online “magazine.” You subscribe, and the stories land in your email inbox. They’re all fairly short short stories, so quick and easy reads – and they are terrific. I am thrilled that I’ll be in such good company. http://dailysciencefiction.com Look for the subscribe link.
  • My third round screenplay for the NYCMM screenplay contest didn’t make the cut – so I wasn’t in the finals. So glad I took on the challenge, though. I got such good practice in paring a story down to its essentials.
  • I turned in my 21st flash fiction story for the Liberty Hall weekly challenge this past weekend. Twenty-one separate, unique drafts! I look at the list and it feels like a treasure. All these potential stories. I hope to submit several this month.
  • One more rejection for a short story came – I am now at a whopping two for the year, four total. The Liberty Hall group tracks rejections & has a biggest reject of the year contest. Since it takes me too long to push that submit button, I am resigned to losing that contest – but I hope to start racking them up. Kind of like bruises on a prize fighter.

Other news – planning to participate in the NYC Midnight Madness Short Story contest. This is the same contest I entered last year – it was the first time outside of a writing class that I wrote a short story, it was the first time I bared a story I wrote to the world (well, to the small world of NYCMM) and I got third place, so the first time I had external validation (of sorts – third place didn’t make the finals cut).
After this year of focus on short short fiction, writing stories in a weekend, or in 90 minutes, staying under 1,000 words, or 5 pages of a screenplay…this upcoming contest may feel luxurious! 2,500 words in a full week!!!

I am really looking forward to this year’s contest. I think the work I’ve done this past year has improved me as a writer. Whether I make the finals or not, I know I will write a better story – and I’ll have another story to submit.

I will post what genre & topic I get. I know I feel much more relaxed – whatever it is I can at least churn something out!


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