Writing News – January

Feeling pretty good about my consistency, if not my product quite yet!  I have been getting those flash stories out, managed to make the semi-finals in the NYC Midnight screenplay challenge, and wrote my third challenge screenplay (open genre, tugboat, xray machine).  I tried a mystery this time, we’ll see if I caught the judges eyes.  Only the top five in each group will go on to the finals.

Have submitted to four magazines so far since I started writing, gotten two rejections.  It’s so hard to push the “send” button on those!  I keep tweaking and tweaking, thinking maybe if the story is a little more x or a little more y it might do better. 

Hardest part for me?  Thinking of the story.  My stories tend to be a little flat – need better story arcs.

I’m thinking that I need to focus more on longer short stories now, that I need to take these flash stories and flesh them out a bit – or sit myself down and start by aiming for a longer story.  The NYC Midnight Short Story contest will help too.  So many of my target magazines are looking for 2500+ word count.  Not 780!!


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