Eternity Utters a Day

Found this poem in a Shabbat book during a Bar Mitzvah. I used the last line to write a poem of my own – try it!

A thought has blown the marketplace away
There is a song on the wind and joy in the trees.
Shabbat arrives in the world
scattering a song in the silence of the night:
Eternity utters a day.

– Abraham Joshua Heschel (excerpt)

Here’s my attempt, starting with Heschel’s last line:

Eternity utters a day
It falls from lips too large to measure
Bounces on ground too wide to see
Unfolds into Now
Touch, open, be

Ok, your turn…


5 responses to “Eternity Utters a Day

  1. Eternity utters a day
    S0 miniscule that it is never noticed
    So huge that it is that only thing that matters
    To a butterfly
    –Sharman Badgett

  2. Eternity utters a day
    I listen

  3. Catherine Walter

    Eternity utters a day
    Shaping the morning.
    The sun arrives
    To see
    Which infinities unfold,
    Tied into
    The next,
    All in time.

  4. Eternity utters a day
    Silent noise is filling the space
    In the time it takes for a sun ray
    To embrace
    This universe and milky way
    Yours and mine


  5. Eternity utters a day.
    Infinity manifests a place.
    Time and space,
    wondrous Shabbat!
    Bound and Boundless,
    Ending and Endless,

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