OK! Can’t Quite Believe It!

So I wrote a screenplay this weekend!

I signed up for the NYC Midnight Madness Screenwriters Challenge, got a genre (Sci-Fi, how cool is that), a location (a sightseeing bus, how weird is that) and an object (boxing gloves).  Submitted a screenplay in the “proper” format 3 hours before the deadline.  Wahoo!!

I feel like I’m on fire these days, a great way to start November (yes, of course I plan to do Nanowrimo).  Words are just spilling out.  (I also wrote a fairy tale on Friday for my weekly flash-fiction challenge.)

Quite fun to do a screenplay.  I figured it was a great exercise to pare down to the essentials – the action, the dialog, the plot – a paring down that might help next time I write a short story.

Have several stories out to publishers, which is pretty darn fun.  I’m looking forward to my first rejection (losing contests, I’ve decided, doesn’t count).

Cheers!  Write On!


One response to “OK! Can’t Quite Believe It!

  1. Lee,
    Looks like you’re busy and loving it! You mentioned something in your blog about a weekly flash fiction challenge. Tell me more.

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