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Clarion West Write-a-thon

2012 Clarion West Write-a-thon

I signed up for this fundraiser last week  – hoping to help them raise money for their renowned speculative fiction six-week workshop.  (I can’t imagine leaving home for six weeks to write – have so much admiration for these folks!)

The Write-a-Thon is a way for writers to work alongside the official workshop.  During the same six weeks, we will each work toward our individual (publicly announced) goal and try raise money for Clarion West by getting sponsors to donate in our names.

Read more about this non-profit literary organization’s residential workshop here.

Read more about my Write-a-thon goals here.



Writing Update

I’m still writing a flash story every week (thanks to Liberty Hall Writers Group) but also have begun to send at least one of my stories out every week.  I joined the Write1Sub1 challenge and just knowing I’ll be reporting to the other participants has been enough of a push to help me get the stories sent out.

After over a year of a story a week, needless to say I have a large collection!  Most of them are very rough drafts, since I’ve done them in an hour or hour 1/2.     Revising can take me a while – and  it’s still so hard to say, “yes it is done” & push the submit button.

Life is still too busy but I’m finding great satisfaction in my writing.  Enjoying all the folks I’ve met in the past two years.  There’s a great community of writers connecting via the internet – it’s not such a lonely career any more.