Writing Update

I’m still writing a flash story every week (thanks to Liberty Hall Writers Group) but also have begun to send at least one of my stories out every week.  I joined the Write1Sub1 challenge and just knowing I’ll be reporting to the other participants has been enough of a push to help me get the stories sent out.

After over a year of a story a week, needless to say I have a large collection!  Most of them are very rough drafts, since I’ve done them in an hour or hour 1/2.     Revising can take me a while – and  it’s still so hard to say, “yes it is done” & push the submit button.

Life is still too busy but I’m finding great satisfaction in my writing.  Enjoying all the folks I’ve met in the past two years.  There’s a great community of writers connecting via the internet – it’s not such a lonely career any more.


3 responses to “Writing Update

  1. Congrats on joining W1S1 and meeting your goals! Best of luck as you keep revising and hitting that submit button (definitely always a little nerve wracking!)

  2. You’re right about the W1S1 deadline — it works, oddly enough. Well done on meeting and beating your March W1S1 goals!

  3. Congratulations on meeting your W1S1 goal. This year I finally figured out that there are a lot of markets out there and I have a lot of old stories that should be out trying to earn a living.

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