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3D printing? Wow.

3d printed objectI am fascinated by this technology.  I first heard about it years ago at a chess tournament, of all places.  One of the other chess parents was working on an early prototype.  I had trouble understanding how such a thing could be.  Creating a 3D object out of a copy machine?

Now that such things are functioning, I have a better understanding but the same fascination.  I’ve written several (yet to be published) stories featuring 3D printing, and backed a kickstarter (the Buccaneer!) to create household versions of the printers.

Imagine!  You need a new garbage pail – print one out!  Your child draws a cute Cthulhu monster – print one out.

Next step – animating such creations.  Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa……


Food For The Soul

SONY DSCYesterday I turned off my computer, pulled on garden gloves, and worked on the pots on my back deck.  I didn’t just stick new annuals into the holes left from the dead things I pulled out (my usual modus operandi).  I refilled the pots with fresh soil and set up a few new pots.  The sun was shining.

The SUN was shining!  It was HOT! What a glorious day. I topped it off with a ferry ride to my daughter’s evening lacrosse game. They were playing a team on Bainbridge Island, just across the sound from Seattle. Crisp air, blue sky, Seattle skyline behind me and shadowy blue mountains looming just past the island – food for the soul.  I watched the water rushing below me, the only way you could tell that the ferry was moving fast.

I gave a huge sigh and let it all go – all the tension, stress, and anxiety.  I just breathed.

They won an incredibly exciting, well matched game.  On the ride home, I stood on the upper ferry deck  and watched the full moon glisten the dark water. Seattle’s skyline sparkled, orange jewels strung against the night.

I just breathed.