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Short Story Published!

Today my short story, “Dance the Light Fantastic” was published on Daily Science Fiction. The story spark was a conversation we had about the ethics of performance enhancing drugs. Do you think the rules should go away?


2014 Goals

Since I managed to miss the time frame to reflect on the past year (ahem, possibly on purpose?) I decided to announce a few goals for 2014. It’s been very inspiring to read others’ goals so … ta-dah, here are mine!

2014 goals

Be more consistent with the tools I’ve found useful to stay organized and active

Continue improving and producing written work

  • Polish and submit novella (possibly cut to novelette length)
  • Participate in Codex Writers Weekend Warrior
  • Participate in Write1Sub1 monthly challenge
  • Participate in Liberty Hall flash challenges as inspired
  • Revise and submit story inventory

Put more effort into blogging

  • Post at least 12 entries here – one sub goal is to review those tools above that I found useful
  • Blog maintenance – check links and update sidebars
  • Post more on my recipe blog

Enjoy my family, my friends, my home and my city.


Hope your year is productive and healthy, and you’ve set some achievable goals (if that’s your thing!)