Writing News

I wrote a screenplay for NYC Midnight Madness last month, the first time I’d ever written one – and I got first place in my group!  Very exciting.  I was assigned genre: science fiction (how lucky); location: a tour bus; and object: a pair of boxing gloves.  Email me if you want to read the screenplay.   It’s just an intermediate step in the contest, still have to write another top scoring screenplay in order to make it to the semifinals, but this win gives me a bit of an edge, point-wise!  And it was fun!

Another recent success with the weekly flash challenge in my online critique group –  people really liked my most recent story & voted it “best flash” for the week.

I’ve had a couple of stories rejected by publishers, but that has paradoxically made me happy.  I feel like a real writer with rejection slips!  And I am starting to pile up the draft stories  – finding it hard to make time to do rewrites & revisions, but I know they are necessary before sending them out to publishers.

I was happy and impressed that my last post, suggesting people try creating a poem from the line “Eternity utters a day,” generated such great poems.  I loved them all – hope the writers try sending them in someplace.  Also will keep my eye out for similar ideas, maybe another poem will inspire someone to suggest the same thing on their blog.

Tonight I will find out my genre, topic and object for the next screenplay I have to write.  Going to be a busy weekend!


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