When will the future be here?

I stood at the gas station today, pumping gas through a tube into my vehicle and realized that the gas tanks haven’t changed much in years and years.  Yes, you can pay differently, but the system of pumping is just the same.

In fact, the propulsion is the same – fossil-fueled.  When will the future be here?

I have been waiting since I was little – 40 or more years already!  We dreamed up such a different future back then.

Yes, sure – things have changed at a breakneck pace.  Smartphones, Google, world culture meshing – gone are the days of Encyclopedias and typewriters.  Gone are the days when world travelers were few and far between.



We still are hobbled by so many things.  Where is easy space travel?  Where is silent commuting on safe, guided tracks?  Where are iris checkers or thumb-print machines so you don’t have to carry credit/debit cards?


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