Piles of yellow-edged paper, crumbled tan, faded sheets
I slip through them, sliding one over the other, gazing at the words
Recipes all, this pile for food
Old articles and instructions, old dinners never made, or made and forgotten
I saved these for you, my daughter not yet born
I saved these to share, to show you the memories to give you the food
I knew you would love to cook, to garden, to read
I knew you would be
Just like me
Here you are, my girl, my treasure
I cherish your breath, your gaze, your smile
You’ve grown up into yourself
A self that does not like to cook, to garden
You like to read, but only your own stuff
Not recipes or science fiction
You love fashion and tv and music
You are competent and happy
That is all that matters
I slowly slide the saved treasures into the recyling bin
Goodbye dream
Hello life


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