Rainforest Writers’ Retreat

20160221_120745…a waterfall a mile up the road. Gorgeous even in the rain!

Wow, do I feel lucky! I got to go to a 5-day writers’ retreat over on Lake Quinault. Patrick Swenson, author of the Ultra Thin Man and exceptional publisher (Fairwood Press) organizes this every year, and I’ve always wanted to go.
It was everything I had wanted a retreat to be, and more. Tons of time to write – very little distracts you when the weather outside is frightful, the cell phone reception is non-existent and the internet is intermittent. Exactly what I’d hoped for!

20160219_085356 …No, this wasn’t the view from my room (it’s writer’s lounge for folks who like to write with company)

20160220_134103 Nor did I have a cabin on the lake…

20160218_122206  This was my view – I chose to cocoon in my room and just pound on the laptop. It worked ! I loved my little space.

A few interesting talks & meetings – but only a few, and I did skip some.  Company was extremely congenial. It was amazingly motivating to talk with fellow writers over a meal about our works-in-progress and about our process. Some fun and noisy social times after we’d put in a productive day, or before we started (for those night owls). I laughed a LOT.

I completely re-organized my MG novel, added and subtracted scenes, pretty much finished the rough draft, and generally felt LIKE A WRITER AGAIN!

20160218_151105 20160218_151107 20160218_151111 20160218_151138 20160221_120808

What a wonderful gift of space and time. Thank you Patrick!


Short Story Published!

Today my short story, “Dance the Light Fantastic” was published on Daily Science Fiction. The story spark was a conversation we had about the ethics of performance enhancing drugs. Do you think the rules should go away?